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Ward Law Firm attorneys help people navigate through the confusing and complex pre and post divorce process. Ward Law Firm focuses on divorce issues, including Tennessee child custody laws, alimony laws and child support in Tennessee. Family law issues are often the most stressful in the legal field, let us help you.

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Ward Law Firm is a full service law firm in the preparation of wills, probate, and estate planning.  Clients may be named executors, beneficiaries or just unsure. The process can be confusing and emotional, let our firm point you in the right direction.

Signing a Contract


Ward Law Firm attorneys assist in writing contracts and agreements; they know the correct contract formats and legal terms to protect and enhance your rights in case things don’t go as planned.  The firm practices in the areas of residential, commercial and development real estate transactions, including drafting and negotiation of real estate contracts and leases.

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We’ve been practicing Personal Injury Law for over fifteen years, with scores of successful cases. Our West Tennessee clients can count on our Personal Injury team to manage the legal process as skillfully and efficiently as possible to achieve the best outcome.

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Our attorneys work to protect the rights of our clients.. Our office provides legal services for criminal cases ranging from petty theft and DUIs to the most serious of crimes. We are experienced in all the courts in our area and do everything in our power to insure the rights of our clients are protecte

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Our firm represents clients in a wide variety of Social Security Disability Matters at every stage of the process. Having a Legal Nurse on staff has proved to be invaluable to our clients.  We handle cases at the appeals, reconsideration and hearing stage for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Let us guide you through this process.

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Ward Law Firm has experience representing candidates, elected officials and political entities advising them of the confusing web of election law and campaign finances.  The firm has represented clients in election contests and protected the rights of candidates.

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Ward Law Firm represents dozens of small businesses across the state and region.  Our firm represents individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations in business formation, structuring and negotiating contracts, capitalization and mergers and acquisitions. Contact Ward Law Firm for all of your business needs.

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Ward Law Firm is familiar with the demands of litigation and will help clients throughout their case to its resolution, whether the case involves a simple dispute or one of greater complexity. We strive to be accessible to our clients and to take direction from them, while providing our best advice to our clients at each step of the way.  Going above and beyond is the standard we set for every single case.

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